Getting Dressed (Ritual) at Het HEM (2022)

Getting Dressed (Ritual)
Live-performance + video live stream
6PM – 2PM
Duration: 4:15:42 hours

This piece is about one of the most important rituals in Ros’ daily life, a routinized banal action of “getting dressed”, as she has been doing since high school. As every day is a festivity of feelings in the inner world, Ros’ way of expressing this is through her appearance, motion and rhythm. This ritual is naturally connected with her fluid identity. As visitor, you will become participant of this very intimate, fundamental moment that finds its place in physical- and virtual space. This is the first out-in-the-open online representation, however Lisette Ros has been recording her “getting dressed” ritual daily for 5 years.

To celebrate Het HEM during Amsterdam Art Week Lisette Ros and The Curators Room have partnered again *. Ros will be getting herself ready (for this festivity) from her Icelandic studio at SIM Residency. 

Ros will share this intimate festivity of feelings through movement and appearance without being aware of the people and rhythm at Het HEM (no video, mute).

* The very early conceptions for ‘The Curators Room’ started because of a collaboration between artist Lisette Ros, dancer Guido Dutilh and curator Gabriel Rolt during a two-week Artist in Residency at het HEM in August 2020. Here, we developed the work Together Alone (performed in July 2021 at the shooting tunnel at Het HEM). 

Below: snippets from the durational performance Getting Dressed in Iceland.

lisette ros performance artist getting dressed het hem museum live stream amsterdam art weekend

Below: live stream impression of the durational performance Getting Dressed at Het HEM in the Netherlands.

© Lisette Ros