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  • 17-03-2022: ‘My Self, the Fetus’ at The Curators Room La Oficina BCN, Barcelona, Spain.
    Live performance, residue installation, polaroids.
  • 22-03-2022: performing artist in video shooting Mona et Toi, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 17-04-2022: ‘I Bruise Like A Peach’ at Sexyland, Amsterdam, NL.
    Live performance.
  •  20-04-2022 until 24-04-2022: Venice Biennal opening, Venice, IT.
  • 30-04-2022: ‘The Mirror’ opening at l’Age d’Or, Almere, NL.
    Live performance, installation, video work.
  • 30-04-2022 until 31-05-2022: ‘The Mirror’ at l’Age d’Or exhibition in former shopping mall, Almere, NL.
    Installation, video work.
  • 02-05-2022 until 31-05-2022: Artist in Resident at SIM, IS.
  • 13-05-2022: ‘Getting Dressed’ (Ritual) Amsterdam Art Weekend at Het HEM with The Curators Room, Zaandam, NL.
    Live performance stream.
  • 26-05-2022 until 30-05-2022: Exhibition gallerí Korpúlfsstaðir, Reykjavik, IS.
  • 17-06-2022: ‘My Self, the Fetus’ at Rotterdam Art Weekend, The Stage, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL.
    Live performance, audio work.
  • POSTPONED 18-06-2022: ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ at Rotterdam Art Weekend, Studio Seine, NL.
  • June 2022: ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ in collaboration with artist Leonard van Munster, de Kas, Amsterdam, NL.
    Live performance, installation, video work.
  • Current: ‘My Humanoid Self’
    – New work in progress, Iceland, 2022.
    Performative micro-docu.
  • New: ‘I Bruise Like A Peach’ for INTERBELLUM #4.
    – Finally launching soon! Stay noticed for the updates.
    Live performance, light installation.
    Collaboration with artist Sam Janssen and Melting Wang.

© Lisette Ros

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