Reframing Conventions (2013)

INTERVENING SPACE is about doing interventions with myself as a tool, as a performer in order to question a certain convention.

While researching our current conventions within the “boring” office space, starting with myself, I focused on an individual action that is collectively applicable: the act of sitting. The first thing we do after arriving at the office is take a seat behind our desks. We even relax nowadays by sitting down and playing with our digital devices. After research I discovered that when we sit 8-11 hours a day, we have a till 40% increased chance on a premature death. Short video during research: conventions office culture.

Thus, I experienced what it really feels like to sit for eight hours in a row on the same chair. Insight: sitting is the new smoking. Sitting is killing us, and maybe smoking isn’t even that much worse than sitting, because the act that goes along with smoking, requires us to move our bodies.


Some fragments from the sitting video:
ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_240  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_241  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_339 ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_353  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_366  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_385 ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_418  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_426  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_431ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_475  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_485  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_490ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_502  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_509  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_544ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_559  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_609  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_618ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_649  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_660  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_696ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_778  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_903  ArtEZ Eindwerk 2_961

Founder of ‘Studio Zeitgeist’ and Trendwatcher Farid Tabarki mentioned me and part of my graduation project in his column in the Dutch newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad.’

The link to the article.

FD Farid Tabarki column

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