…Elk rondje is anders during Quarantine (2020)

‘…Elk rondje is anders’ is about the convention of ‘rondjes lopen’ – ‘walking around in circles’ and originates from 2015.

During these times of the Corona virus outbreak, surviving mostly in our homes, Dutchies are allowed to get some fresh air outside, the so-called intelligent lockdown. This results in a lot of walking around the neighborhood, as well as a lot of walking in circles inside my small apartment. This action works very therapeutic, I do it a lot. It uplifts the convention of ‘rondjes lopen’.

Therefore I started to revise this work and present it again as a renewed version, now more relevant than ever and in collaboration with videographer Joao mb Costa.

Watch the entire video of the live performance (22-05-2020) below:

The original installation and live performance of this work is from 2015. This derived off my research into the gabber and gabber culture for the exhibition ‘Hoe Rottur Ut Wordt’ at SBK-Dordrecht. During the opening of the exhibition I did a two-hour live performance in my installation of fixed artworks as expression of my research.

The work is based on a video of a gabber in the early 90s who is partying at a hardcore event. He answers the question “So, what do you do all of these hours at a party like this?” with: “Ik loop rondjes en ik loop rondjes, ik loop alleen maar rondjes. Kom iedereen tegen, blijf rondjes lopen, elk rondje is anders. Ik loop uren lang rondjes.” [Meaning: “I am walking in circles constantly, for hours I walk in circles, I only walk in circles, meet a lot of people, walk in circles and every circle is different.”]. Hence the convention of ‘rondjes lopen’.

© Video by Joao mb Costa
© Lisette Ros