International highlights

2022: ‘My Humanoid Self’ new work in progress as artist in resident at SIM, Iceland.
2022: ‘My Self, the Fetus’ at The Curators Room – La Oficina Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
2021: Artist in Residency at Marina Abramovic, Peloponnese, Greece.
2021: ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ (2021), a breath-taking performance, finished and launched in Iceland (artist in resident).
2020: ‘The Mirror’ (2019) & ‘…Elk rondje is anders during Quarantine’ (2020), video works, stream performance launch, Barbara Thumm Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
2020: ‘Reframing Conventions during Quarantine’ (2013/2020), video work, Straight Through The Wall, New York, USA.
2020: ’The Mirror’ (2019), video work and prints, Oped Space, Tokyo, Japan.
2019: ’TRANCE’, collaboration with Asian Dope Boys (Tianzhuo Chen), live performance and video work, MWoods Museum, Beijing, China.
2019: ‘My Self, the Body’ (2018), video work and installation, Uncensored Festival, London, United Kingdom.
2018: launch of ‘My Self, the Body’, live performance and installation, SXSW (South By SouthWest), Austin, TX, USA.
2016: ‘Reframing Conventions’ (2013), live performance intervention, La Biennale de Architettura Venezia, Venice, Italy.
2015: ‘Reframing Conventions’ (2013), live performance and installation in Opera di Santa Croce, IFFTI Polimoda Conference, Florence, Italy.


  • ‘The Mirror’ (2019) at EYE Film Museum as part of the Cinema Ecologica program, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ’Together Alone’ for INTERBELLUM #2 (2020), live performance and installation with Guido Dutilh and Gabriel Rolt, Het HEM, Zaandam, NL.
  • ‘Reframing Conventions during Quarantine’ (2013/2020), video work of performance at Hotel Mariakapel as part of ‘Corona in de Stad’ exhibition, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ’TRANCE’ (2019), live performance and video work in collaboration with Asian Dope Boys, Mwoods Museum, Beijing, China.
  • ‘My Self, the Other’ (2017), live performance and installation, Goethe Institute, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘My Self, the Body’ (2018), live performance and installation as part of ’The Man Machine’ exhibition, EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘Reframing Conventions’ (2013), live performance and installation, EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘In No Particular Order’ (2017), live performance intervention in collaboration with Duran Lantink and Jules Lang van den Langenberg, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL.
  • ’The Time Ceremony’ (2016), live performance in collaboration with Barbara Langendijk, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘Untouchable’ (2014), collaborative live performance by Boychild and Wu Tsang (2016), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL. 


  • ‘Reframing Conventions’ for INTERBELLUM #1 (2020), live performance, video stream and video work in collaboration with Rob Schröder and Gabrielle Provaas, De Stelling van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘…elk rondje is anders during Quarantine’ (2015/2020), live performance intervention and video work, Studio Smit, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘Reframing Conventions during Quarantine’ (2013/2020), live performance intervention behind a window, Red Light District, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘My Self, the Bladder’ (2018), live performance and video work, No Art exhibition, The Loft, A’dam Tower, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘My Self, the Body’ (2018), video screening, Arti et Amicitiae, Avond van de Wellust, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘My Self, the Body’ (2018), live performance and installation, Proforma Anatomicum exhibition, De Waag Society, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘My Self, the Other’ (2017), audio works and installations, De Torenkamer EXPO exhibition, VondelCS, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘My Self, the Fetus’ (2015), live performance, Reality Check, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, NL.
  • ‘Reframing Conventions’ (2013), live performance and installation, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘Het Lege Ogenblik / The Empty Time’ (2016), live performance and audio work, Friends Only exhibition, Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, NL.
  • ‘…elk rondje is anders’ (2017), live performance, installation and video work, Hoe Rotter Ut Wordt exhibition, SBK-Dordrecht, Dordrecht, NL.

© Lisette Ros