During the times of the COVID-outbreak and being in lockdown in Amsterdam, the realization occurred that several of existing works and research projects were gaining another layer of relevance in this different context.

Ros’ work revolves around taking a step back, becoming more aware of your own banal actions and ritualizations; about time and creating a different consciousness. Therefore, the continuation meant the start of revising- and renewing pieces, with experimental guerrilla performances at empty public spaces during the lockdowns. The process is the work. This resulted in the development of a new project, in collaboration with Gabriel Rolt, titled ‘INTERBELLUM’.

  1. ‘Reframing Conventions (2013) during Quarantine’ (2020).
  2. ‘…elk rondje is anders during Quarantine’ (2020).
  3. ‘Reframing Conventions (2013) during Corona, Red Light District’ (2020).
  4. INTERBELLUM (2020).

© Lisette Ros