Reframing Conventions, Red Light District (2020)

In this work I am researching the act of sitting, resulting in a live performance where I am solely sitting for 8 hours on the same chair, without performing any other human action. The original video and live performance of this work is from 2013. During these times of the Corona virus outbreak, I realized that this research into the act of sitting has gained another layer. Therefore I started to relaunch this work anno 2020. Same relevance, different context.

This is the fourth time I performed this work during the intelligent lockdown in The Netherlands (29/30-05-2020).

As life slowly started its reboot here in Amsterdam with terraces and restaurants opening their doors again on the 1st of June, I have developed a last-moment performance of ‘Reframing Conventions (2013) during Corona/Quarantine (2020)’.

To finalize the relaunch of this work, I’ve arranged a unique location where this utterly beautiful emptiness will probably also predominate for the very last time. On Friday the 29th of May I intervened/performed live (offline) from behind a window at The Red Light District, Amsterdam-Centre from 6PM to 2AM (CEST).

Taking a moment to show our respect and appreciation to sex workers as sex work is work! Lets welcome back the sex workers as soon as possible.

Briefly talking about my 8-hour performance at The Red Light District in a show of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

© Recordings and video edit by Rob Schröder
© Photos by Babette Meyer, Peim Sloot and Amy Kleingeld
© Lisette Ros