My Self, the Bladder (2018)

The work ‘My Self, the Bladder’ is the fourth part of my on-going research series about the Self and the identification process. For this work I am questioning the convention of the body and its self-evidence by researching my inner world and the different I’s hidden within. During the live performance I get in dialogue with another ‘I’ that lives inside my inner world at that specific moment, the Bladder. One of my extremely vocal, internal ‘selves’, that I discovered during the research process of My Self, the Body, is the bladder. I investigate primary life inside me through audio.

With two constructed micro phonic stethoscopes I do a thorough investigation for ‘My Self, the Bladder’ from me to another me by a different me, without using computers or software.

Aftermovie of the entire The Living Museum Counterwave (exclusive SXSW evening) organized in Amsterdam:

© Photos performance at Vertoon by Esmay Wagemans
© Photos performance at Counterwave with Westergasfabriek, New Dutch Wave and the Living Museum by Joris Bruring
© Lisette Ros