Lisette Ros (1991) is a (conceptual) performance artist from Amsterdam.

“Where does my conditioning end and where does my (our) autonomy begin?”

Lisette Ros’ conceptual performance work challenges the basic conventions and routine behavior that form the bonds of human society. The starting point of Ros’ work always emerges for a confrontation with herself; a constant self-reflexivity that questions and challenges the normative values that she, as we all do, have internalized from society at large, manifest in impulses towards certain routines and behaviors. In her performances, Ros dramatizes and aestheticizes the confrontation that she subjects her body and spirit to, thus sharing her critical findings with her audiences. Ros materializes her work as live performances, performance video art, audio works and installation, depending on the context and concept. Becoming aware of one’s body is a fundamental pillar in this respect.

Ros poses questions by doing. 


  • New: ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’, a breath-taking performance finished and launched in Iceland.
    – Now working on the handmade installation and launch in Amsterdam. 
    Live performance, glass installation, video work.
  • New: ‘I Bruise Like A Peach’ for INTERBELLUM #4.
    Live performance, light installation.
    Collaboration with artist Sam Janssen.
  • New: ‘Route Kalkhorst’.
    Audio work.
  • Relaunch: video work of ‘Reframing Conventions’ for INTERBELLUM #1.
    Collaboration with filmmakers Rob Schröder & Gabrielle Provaas.
    Ready to launch.
  • Relaunch: ‘The Mirror’ for INTERBELLUM #3.
    Live performance, installation, video work.
    Collaboration with filmmakers Rob Schröder & Gabrielle Provaas, light Stefan Prokop.
    Exclusive event coming up.


© Lisette Ros
© Biography by Nick Hackworth
© Header: Still shot from ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ (2021), launching soon
© Still shot from ‘Reframing Conventions’ for INTERBELLUM #1 (2020) at De Stelling van Amsterdam
© Still shot from ‘I’ll dance as fast as I can’

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