The My Self series is an ongoing research into the Self and the identification process. It started with the first part titled My Self, the Fetus in 2015, researching the well-known convention of “just being yourself.” In Dutch we always say “gewoon lekker jezelf zijn.” But what does that actually mean and contain, being yourself?

From this moment on Lisette Ros started an in depth research into the Self and the identification process, by using her own body as a tool. This sequence now exists of five parts deriving from each other. All the five parts are still being performed and exhibited, as the process is the work.

This series now exists out of five parts:
1. ‘My Self, the Fetus’ (2015)
2. ‘My Self, the Other’ (2017)
3. ‘My Self, the Body’ (2018)
4. ‘My Self, the Bladder’ (2018).
5. ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ (2021).

© Lisette Ros