The My Self series is an ongoing research into the Self and the identification process. It started with the first part titled My Self, the Fetus in 2015 for which I started with researching the well-known convention of “just being yourself.” In Dutch we always say “gewoon lekker jezelf zijn.” But what does that actually mean and contain, being yourself?

From this moment on I started an in depth research into the Self and the identification process, by using my own body as a tool. This sequence now exists of five parts deriving from each other. I still perform all my pieces, as the process is the work.

This series now exists out of five parts:
1. ‘My Self, the Fetus’ (2015)
2. ‘My Self, the Other’ (2017)
3. ‘My Self, the Body’ (2018)
4. ‘My Self, the Bladder’ (2018).
5. ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ (2021).

© Lisette Ros