My Self, the Other (2017)

My Self, the Other 

Live-audio-performance + podcasts
No visuals – as part of the concept
Duration: 3 hours – 48 hours

The ‘My Self’ series is an ongoing research about the Self and the identification process.

This second part of the ‘My Self’ series is about the voice (auditive communication). My Self, the Other derived of the earlier work, titled My Self, the Fetus (2015).

The sight of the Other is currently mainly hidden in the smartphone we are all too attached to these days: through social media and the constant bombardment of images people are confronted by every day, one’s autonomous voice is forced into the background.

This work questions and challenges the forceful view of the Other by using ones own voice. During the live performance the thought process of the artist is broadcasted for an undefined period of time by using a smart phone, exactly that in which the other voice(s) is hidden. It is an attempt to reclaim the machine. All thoughts about the context in which the artist is situated are ventilated at that exact moment. Where does the others’ voice begin and our own voice end?

My Self, the Other aspires to intervene in the abundant presence of the other’s voice. It is an attempt to reconquer and rediscover the autonomous voice.

Afterwards, audio podcasts are developed. Listen to two of them below.

Surroundings podcast [listened live by the spectators turned into participants in the installation/human sculpture underneath]:

Toilet podcast:


Click on this link to find out more about the residency Ros did at De Torenkamer Amsterdam.

installation view of My Self, the Other  installation view of My Self, the Other at VondelCS, Amsterdam  installation view with spectators of My Self, the Other at VondelCS, Amsterdam 

 installation view of My Self, the Other podcast in the toilets at VondelCS, Amsterdam
i-D article in my installation My Self, the Other - ik ga hier nu gewoon liggen.i-‘D Magazine’ interview about My Self, The Other. Read the entire article here.

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