IFFTI Polimoda Conference Florence, Italy + EYE Museum (2015)

I was one of the selected members of the 26 successful projects of the IFFTI [International Fashion Foundation] Polimoda Conference 2015, held in Florence, Italy. The project that was selected was ‘INTERVENING SPACE: Reframing conventions’.

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-29 om 13.45.07

I created a new installation and added an extra value within my space that was located in the beautiful, historical Opera di Santa Croce in the old city centre of Florence. As always, the realization of my installation and performance was guided by the space and architecture that was available.

I made a combination between the original performance and the video in dialogue with the real; the exact same situation and live performance. I added an interactive part in which there was the option for visitors to come sit with me, on the opposite side of the ticking clock. In attempt to let people really feel within their bodies what it feels like to sit down, and to make them realize [through the ticking clock] that we are doing this for 6 to 8 to 11 hours per day. Confrontation via me.

Amongst others, like Diane Pernet, Patrick de Muynck and Jane Rapley, I was also part of the last ‘In conversation with’ panel discussion about fashion, design and education. Watch the compilation here.

An indication of my 12 meters large installation at Opera di Santa Croce:

IMG_6501 IMG_6499 IMG_6505 IMG_6488 IMG_6493 IMG_6508 IMG_6506 IMG_6650IMG_6640IMG_6643 IFFTI 5IFFTI 6

For the opening of the exhibition about Michelangelo Antonioni at EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, I specifically focused on boredom and the experience of time to this existing concept. In advance, I got interviewed by the EYE EXPOSED team. Read the full interview here [sorry, only in Dutch]. 

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© Lisette Ros