TRANCE Asian Dope Boys x Lisette Ros at MWoods Museum (2019)

‘TRANCE’ is the title of a 12-hour performance by Tianzhuo Chen (aka Asian Dope Boys) in MWoods Museum, Beijing, China. I was selected to be part of this amazing collaborative project; three weeks of working, developing and performing together.

Each performance lasted 12 hours and took place once per day during the exhibition’s opening. This lasted three days in a row and took place inside the MWoods Museum (798 location), where everything was especially designed and built for this exhibition, and centered around this new performance. 

Together we created the living aspect of this alternative world; ambiguous in nature and situated somewhere between everyday reality and illusion, which demands the visitor’s visual, aural, and total physical sensory experience.

‘TRANCE’ takes the entire museum as its stage where visitors were free to wander around during the full 12-hour performance; as if in an aimless stream of consciousness. Eventually, Chen expects viewers to cross a threshold, in which they are no longer in control and where they enter a “state of trance”, induced by their perceptions and similar to the way we had been working and experimenting with the process and a diversity of states of trance.

Rebellion against cultural monotony and stereotypical interpretation, and a persistent search for sincere and genuine ways of expression.  




Director: Tianzhuo Chen
Dramaturgy: Petra Poelzl
Choreography: Ylva Falk
Performance & Music: Bidjé de Rosa, Ican Harem, Khng Khan, Lavinia Vago, Lisette Ros, Ndoho Ange, Omid Tabari, Siko Setyanto, Ylva Falk, City, Dis Fig, Felix-Florian Todtloff, ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U
Production Management: partner in crime
Costume: Windowsen, Yusuke Washimi
Light: Akihiko Tanida
Sound: Sho Moriyama
Studio Management and Assistance: Ren Xingxing, Xiao Xiaxi


© Tianzhuo Chen 
© MWoods Museum Beijing China
© Photos by Shen Peiyu
© Lisette Ros