Lisette Ros (Hilversum, 1991) finished her Masters at ArtEZ Institute of Arts, Arnhem (2014), and recently finished her residency at Marina Abramovic. In the meantime, her work has been displayed in several countries and in diverse spaces, being in dialogue with different urgencies of the moment.

In 2016 Ros performed at the Venice Architecture Biennal in Italy, followed by the international launch of ‘My Self, the Body’ at SXSW in Austin, USA, and collaborating with Asian Dope Boys for ‘TRANCE’ at MWoods Museum in Beijing, China. She launched her work ‘My Self, the (First) Breath’ at SIM in Iceland in 2021, and is currently working on the extension of the piece, titled ‘My Humanoid Self’, also in Iceland.

Her work has been exhibited at Amsterdam Museum, Arti et Amicitiae, Barbara Thumm Gallery, The Curators Room, De Waag Society, EYE Film Museum, Het HEM, Goethe Institute, Looiersgracht 60, MWoods Museum, Patty Morgan, Roodkapje, SXSW, Oped Space, Van Abbemuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Vriend van Bavink, and guerrilla at various (public) spaces. 

artist lisette ros who is she? About lisette ros resident of marina abramovic

The research of artist Lisette Ros is complementary: towards society, unmasking how collective mechanisms work; conditioned by an understructure rooted in our basic, daily behavior, and most importantly towards herself.

While her performances always carry recognizable elements, she analyses routines and questions conventions, daily rhythms and their self-evidence. She sees the consequences of socio cultural praxis that affect us, whilst the peculiar element to her work is that this all cannot exist apart from her persona. Her body is therefor the pivotal space of action, the battlefield where these types of questions are asked; her ground for exploration.

Ros’ performances are marked by reiterations of the same gestures and acts, increasing the feelings of discomfort in the spectator. However, instead of using herself simply as a vessel, an instrument such as a canvas can be, Ros’ body is symbol and flesh at the same time. Standing naked as an iconographic emblem of general humanity, hers are the muscles, hers are the lungs, hers are the tired legs after writhing in the spasm of moving. It is her body that shapes the physical joint between herself and the world, and it is exactly there that the artists’ process of research manifests itself, as a quest towards collective mechanisms, and as a quest towards her own, fluid identity. Who is she, in the midst of it all? A hybrid form of existence, morphing between the fragmented categories of existing species.

This is the profound reason why Ros’ aching need of understanding has to pass through her body. Feelings are confronting, but at the same time introduce her with vulnerabilities, her flesh, her blood. She is bleeding, she is breathing, she is wondering.

© Sara van Bussel
© Photo by Edland Man
© Lisette Ros