Together Alone for INTERBELLUM #2 (2021)

Together Alone is a new performance piece by INTERBELLUM.

Together Alone is a collaboration between performance artist Lisette Ros, dancer Guido Dutilh and curator Gabriel Rolt and was developed during the groups’ residency at Het HEM in August 2020. Together Alone will be a one-off performance taking place on the 26th of June 2021 and will be executed by Lisette Ros and NDT1 dancer Luca Tessarini.
The performance will take place in the 200-meters long underground shooting range. The movements of the performing couple will be tracked by the visitors’ phone flashlights. Visitors become participants, whilst supporting the sight of Ros and Tessarini.

Over the twenty five minutes long duration of the performance, Ros and Tessarini, locked in a seemingly unbreakable, physical relationship with each other, drag and crawl their way through a layer of gun grease, coating a passage in the entire length of the space. The duo’s movements are slow and ambiguous, accompanied by grunts and moans that suggest both pain and desire. Taking a conceptual cue from the space its former history as a bullet factory, the artists duck and flinch, avoiding imaginary bullets. The nature of the connection between Ros and Tessarini is never clear and the boundaries between their bodies become less and less distinct as exhaustion takes them over. Their relationship, seemingly sensual, becomes possibly one of mutual isolation and alienation – Together Alone.

Get an impression of the one-off live performance below.
Photos and videos taken by the spectators.

© Text by Maria Langerhorst and Nick Hackworth
© Lisette Ros, Gabriel Rolt, Guido Dutilh
© Performance Lisette Ros & Luca Tessarini