Together Alone for INTERBELLUM #2 (2020)

‘Together Alone’ is a new performance piece by INTERBELLUM.
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Together Alone is a collaboration between performance artist Lisette Ros, dancer Guido Dutilh and curator Gabriel Rolt and was developed during the groups’ two week long residency at het HEM in August 2020. 

Together Alone will be a one-off performance taking place on the 10th October, part of the museum’s in-between chapter: Chapter 3HREE and a 1/2 – This Is How We Move.

The performance will begin when the sun begins to set on that day, at the beginning of the magic hour, the luminous period of transition between night and day. Over the twenty five minute long duration of the performance, Ros and Dutilh, locked in a seemingly unbreakable, physical relationship with each other, drag and crawl their way through a layer of tar, coating a passage of the 150 meter long space. The duo’s movements are slow and ambiguous, accompanied by grunts and moans that suggest both pain and desire. Taking a conceptual cue from the space’s former history as a bullet factory, the artists duck and flinch, avoiding imaginary bullets. The nature of the connection between the two artists is never clear and the boundaries between their bodies becomes less and less distinct as exhaustion takes them over. Their relationship, seemingly sensual, becomes possibly one of mutual isolation and alienation – Together Alone.

‘INTERBELLUM’ is a collaborative project  Lisette Ros, Gabriel Rolt:

The word ‘Interbellum’ commonly refers to the period Between the World Wars. It refers to a period in-between. Periods in which alienation effects life in general are also periods of opportunity in which one can redefine conventions. As the COVID-19 pandemic results in a political and economic crisis, the INTERBELLUM project is framing and continuously questioning the function of art and behavior in this specific period. INTERBELLUM covers 5 chapters: 5 performances on 5 different locations that all represent a different approach on this period in-between. Every chapter will be filmed by a different film maker, the 5 films will launch as a video exhibition in 2021. 

© Text by Maria Langerhorst and Nick Hackworth
© Lisette Ros, Gabriel Rolt, Guido Dutilh