The Mirror (2019)

In this work ‘The Mirror’ I am researching narcissistic bodily behavior in its origin. The modern (Western) society is drenched with narcissistic behavior, as are we, as are you and as am I. Some have already announced the narcissism epidemic* years ago, and not only in a good way. Psychiatry is the reflective mirror of the world we are living in and patients are the symptom carriers of a disease where the entire society will be suffering from.

Launched inside a specific room, situated in what felt as a frigid, lonesome park villa I intervened space with my (light) installation and live performance of ‘The Mirror’: by saturating my skin with the black, diseased water I confront and isolate myself with my mirror image until I am entirely diseased by my own narcissism and begin to drown. The narcissism survives. Captured by myself, for myself, with myself and because of myself. 

This work was especially developed for my performance in the villa as being part of The Living Museum. Though, this was only the start of the visualization of my research into narcissistic (bodily) behavior. The continuation of this research is ongoing, as always. 

The process is the work.

*Twenge, J.M., Campbell, K.W., 2009, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement, Simon & Schuster

‘The Mirror’ at Paradiso during Transformer.

‘The Mirror’ at the opening of FEST Amsterdam. 

‘The Mirror’ at Westergas Villa during The Living Museum edition two.

© Video material at Paradiso by Joao da Costa
© Video stills, edit and snippets by Lisette Ros
© Photos at FEST Amsterdam by Otillie Maters.
© Last photo of my face by Anne Harbers
© Lisette Ros