Reframing Conventions during Quarantine (2020)

In this work I am researching the act of sitting, resulting in a live performance where I am solely sitting for 8-hours on the same chair, without practicing any other human action.

The original video and live performance of this work is from 2013. During these times of the Corona virus outbreak and being in quarantine in my small apartment in Amsterdam, I realized that this research into the act of sitting has gained another layer. Therefore I started to relaunch this work anno 2020. Same relevance, different context.

Below: 8-Hour live stream video of my sitting performance at Hotel Maria Kapel, the Netherlands (01-05-2020). This work is part of the exhibition ‘Corona in de Stad’ by Amsterdam Museum.

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1. I started the relaunch by doing this 8-hour sitting performance again, imprisoned in my own apartment, in quarantine, at the start of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Amsterdam

2. The second performance I did was my guerrilla intervention somewhere in Amsterdam-South, outside; taking matters in my own hands by exhibiting myself, the arts and my work. This added another political and societal layer. Especially when I got sent away by a security guard after six hours of sitting. This is exactly what the arts and us artists have to cope with by just trying to do our work! (22-04-2020).

3. Because of this intervention I got mentioned in a quarantine podcast by friend and fellow artist Peim van der Sloot, listen to it here:

4. The fourth and final, very special and exclusive performance I held at The Red Light District in Amsterdam. Take a better look here (29/30-05-2020).

© Stop motion video by Lisette Ros
© Photos by Babette Meyer
© Podcast by Peim van der Sloot
© Lisette Ros