My Self, the Body (SXSW 2018)

My Self, the Body
Live-performance + video work
Duration: ca. 15:00 – 30:00 minutes

The ‘My Self’ series is an ongoing research series about the Self and the identification process.

This third part of the ‘My Self’ series is about researching the convention of the body. The internal organs, skin and their audio. In this work, titled My Self, the Body, the artist is investigating the internal body sounds without the use of computers or audio software during a live performance. Because, what actually lives inside me, inside us, as a living species? Who are they, this life inside? How are they exchanging themselves within this cage of skin, blood and flesh? Do they have a Self? And are we more separated from each other than we know?

Two reconstructed micro phonic stethoscopes are used to do a live body investigation from which the internal sounds will be directly amplified into the physical space. Through this, the body is transformed into a resonance (box). It is a very intimate live performance, in which the body is used to interact with the internal body sounds at that specific moment; the life that lives and communicates inside.

This work was especially developed to be launched at SXSW2018 (South by South West in Austin, Texas, USA) in collaboration with The Living Museum.

Read the article Jay Gabler wrote about The Living Museum at SXSW2018 for ‘The Current’ here. 

artist lisette ros performing My Self, The Body at SXSW 2018
artist lisette ros performing My Self, The Body at SXSW 2018 in Austin
artist lisette ros performing My Self, The Body at SXSW 2018 in Austin
artist lisette ros performing My Self, The Body at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas, USA

Live performance at The Waag Society, Amsterdam.
performance artist at De Waag Society. My Self, the Body live.

Striking words by Carly Rose and Aynouk Tan, who were there, in Mister Motley: “We are ushered through a door. Upon entering we are met with a nubile, oiled, naked body laying upon a table. Knowing the history of this building one could not help but asking: Is this a dissection or a presentation? Open legs reveal a vagina that winks at us like an in- joke. The body lays still. It seems to be suspended somewhere between a fetus and a cyborg. Bald, naked and yet in a way, not as vulnerable as we are; the spectators glaring at her glowing body.

Performance artist Lisette Ros places small, steel microphones on her body and we are asked to listen as well as look. We hear organs talking, alternated by her breath and heartbeat. It runs faster, filling us with anticipation. It seems the self is not defined by skin, or the shapes of breasts or hands we recognize as human. Moreover it is that what it digests, what beats, what inhales. Ros opens her eyes and meets the gaze of the audience. It shifts the presentation to  confrontation. In the reflection of her glance we encounter our own voyeurism.” Read the entire article on Mister Motley written by Carly Rose and Aynouk Tan here.

© Upper video by Moving Creations
© Photography black/white Misha de Ridder
© Lisette Ros