‘My Self, the Body’ at EYE Film Museum (2018)

My ongoing research series titled ‘INTERVENING SPACE: My Self, …’ is about the Self and the identification process.

For the third part of this series I am researching the convention of the body. The audio of my body to be more exact. This work is titled ‘My Self, the Body’, for which I will be investigating the internal body sounds without the direct use of computers or audio software during a live performance. I am working as “analogue” as possible by using my two reconstructed stethoscopes to do a live body investigation from which the internal sounds will be directly amplified into the space. I create rhythms by transforming my body into a resonance (box). This live performance is different every time, as I do not work with a fixed routine choreo and because the body is not static. 

This page shows the stills and the video of the live performance at EYE Film Museum as being part of the ‘The Man Machine’ exhibition. Video by Rob Schröder and Gabrielle Provaas.

© Lisette Ros