I Bruise Like A Peach (2019/2020 current research)

‘I Bruise Like A Peach’ (worktitle) Experiment 2.2019 at Milkshake Indoor Rotterdam.

The earth is undergoing a battle of attrition because of us, the humans. It is being destroyed in the most unnatural ways we can think of. 
With ‘I Bruise Like A Peach’ I research the internal and external reactions of fragility by using my body as a tool. This originates in confrontation, both literally and figuratively. 
So far, I have researched and I sense that this fragility – sensitivities, wounds and vulnerabilities – are still camouflaged in many ways, and associated with weaknesses in the current (performance) society. 

With this first live experiment, I challenge and exhaust my physical fragility, stability, strength and conditioning by trial and error. I punish my self as a human being and I am being punished. 

This research project is about fragility and its (self-)destruction.

Impression of the live performance during Milkshake Indoor Rotterdam 2019:




© Photos Naomi van Heck for Milkshake 
    Instagram videos Juno Dijksoorn
© Lisette Ros