WE ARE MUZE + Lisette Ros

WAM, We Are Muze, asked me to be the first performance artist for them to collaborate with in order to launch the first Editorial and the WAM collective, consisting out of five fashion designers. 

‘What happens if the only thing I possess are clothing pieces? What happens with myself, my mind and my body, the space, the possessions and my physical conditioning in a timespan of 7 hours? Is this materialism still that “important” as how we are dealing with this in daily Western life, or will the level of importance change and will I arrive in a totally different dimension? 

In this society where everybody is focusing on themselves and their possessions, it seems interesting to confront myself with solely this; in this performance I am constantly focusing on myself and the pieces of clothing, as well is the voyeuristic photographer and the video cameras surrounding me – voyeurism and gazing towards myself and by others. 

I am wondering if my questioning, what I have been researching for a while now will appear, or will I arrive in a state of extensive boredom? A state of emptiness, dismantled, meaninglessness? Is this a negative thing? What happens if I confront myself with this? If I try to understand and live it instead of overruling [= denying] this? What kind of role will the pieces of clothing have within these questions; will they start to reach another level of importance, for example in an emotional matter? Will this still mean something or nothing at all… 

About the performance:
For 7 hours, performance artist Lisette Ros dressed up, wore and experienced different items of clothing from diverse designers.

We challenged her to undergo the various effects of this. The result was a switch between individual characters. These outfits directly changed Lisette’s behaviour, mood, do’s and don’ts and focus, as she encountered altered emotions within herself.


Performance artist + concept – Lisette Ros
Photography – Henri Verhoef
Creative direction + concept – Conny Groenewegen
Styling – Robert Risteski

© Lisette Ros