Milkshake Festival 2018 / 2019 x Lisette Ros

The great, well-known artist/DJ Joost van Bellen and queen/DJ Zu Browka approached me to do a live performance for their ‘Transformer’ stage at Milkshake Festival, 2018. The theme regarded ‘Army’. My performance was during the live set of the man Joost van Bellen himself.

I developed a branched concept out of my work ‘INTERVENING SPACE: My Self, the Body’. For this performance I slowly transformed myself live from a vulnerable, unconditioned, slithering animal-human-being into a conditioned, routinized übermensch that has been taught every sense of motion and physicality (Military). This work is about the fluidity of identity, rhythm, behavioral patterns, physical conditioning, manipulability and mainly about questioning that. The start of my performance, laying down in the version of the most unconditioned self possible at that moment, is a reference to my work ‘My Self, the Body’, which I launched in March 2018 at South By SouthWest in Austin, TX, USA.

Get a glimpse of the performance below.

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© Lisette Ros
© Joost van Bellen and Zu Browka
© Milkshake Festival
© Photos by Cleo Campert, Cor Jabaaij and Julia Willinge
© Campaign 2019 photo by Wouter van Gens