Milkshake Festival 2018 / 2019 x Lisette Ros

DJ Joost van Bellen and DJ Zu Browka approached me to do a live performance for their ‘Transformer’ stage at Milkshake Festival, 2018. The theme regarded ‘Army’. My performance was during the live set of the man Joost van Bellen himself.

I developed a branched concept deriving of my work ‘My Self, the Body’. For this performance I slowly transformed myself live from a vulnerable, unconditioned, slithering animal-human-being into a conditioned, routinized übermensch that has been taught every sense of motion and physicality (Military). 

Get a glimpse of the performance below.


© Photos by Cleo Campert, Cor Jabaaij and Julia Willinge
© Campaign 2019 photo by Wouter van Gens
© Milkshake Festival
© Joost van Bellen, Zu Browka
© Lisette Ros