THE TIME CEREMONY at Van Gogh Museum

THE TIME CEREMONY is a performance that took place at the Van Gogh Museum as part of the Fashion Week Downtown Program in collaboration with The Van Gogh Friday Night Program. The Friday Night Program was focusing on Van Gogh and his fascination for Japanese art. 

THE TIME CEREMONY is created by fashion designer Barbara Langendijk and critical performer Lisette Ros and is inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The overall theme is the passing of time and the accompanying human behavior, which is extremely relevant nowadays as our attitude and attention span has completely changed throughout the years. By creating this performance Lisette Ros and Barbara Langendijk would like to make people aware of this behavior. This is always an important element within the work of Lisette.

On the one hand THE TIME CEREMONY will show the tranquil, pure, respectful and harmonious ritual, which the Japanese tea ceremony is known for. On the other hand, the performance will be over-ritualized, and thereby it will represent our current daily behavior in a volatile, almost neurotic, obsessive-compulsive manner using the performance techniques of emphasizing, isolating, repetition and over-exaggeration, that are the techniques Lisette always uses.

THE TIME CEREMONY is divided in a continuous live performance that will be ongoing the entire evening, with one highlighted moment with live music. The live music is an improvised piece played by fine artist Zoë d’Hont and inspired by the sheet music of George Crumb’s The Magic Circle of Infinity [Makrokosmos 1974].

Performance video edit [selected video material]

A complimenting article by i-D Magazine about the fashion show of Barbara and the performance by Lisette.

Some images of the continuing performance inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony.

© Afagh Morrowatian

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Some images of the highlight neurotic performance.
© Afagh Morrowatian
© Nina Albada Jelgersma Photography

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