In continuation of her ‘sitting is the new smoking’ conclusion [concerning the previous project ‘Reframing conventions‘], Lisette created a methodology for herself to use for upcoming interventions.

I placed the ‘sitting is the new smoking’ principle into three different contexts, based on type of space, type of public, Mode of our society and identity. To end with three personal proposals for an application per case.

I use the convention of sitting and my sitting experiments as a research method to question the Mode of our society – what is happening now – it is about the identity of our contemporary society as opposed to my own identity; how I communicate and position myself. Thus, I ask questions by literally doing.


How can I change our sitting behavior by disrupting our build-up sitting time?
1. Bank : map [cannot be displayed, only on request], different architectural grid.
2. Catwalk : new set-up, watch personal proposal here. Thanks for the space Mediamatic.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 13.48.27 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 13.48.45 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 13.48.56 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 13.49.07 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 13.49.24

3. Waiting room : re-purposing chairs, watch edit of my ‘stoelendans’ intervention here.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 14.42.07 Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 14.42.38

If you are interested in getting detailed information about any of the points from the methodology or the applications, please contact.

© Lisette Ros
© Photos by Marieke Gras