Fundamental question: where does my conditioning (formed by banal acts, routine behavior, convention) end and where does my (our) autonomy begin?

Lisette Ros (1991) is a conceptual performance artist. In her work she challenges conventions, routine behavior and banal acts and questions their self-evidence. Starting point of her work is the confrontation with herself; questioning and challenging her own bodily conditioning, lust for control and daily routine. As performance artist she is using herself to provide audiences with the same confrontation as she undergoes herself, both in body and spirit. Ros poses questions by doing.

Ros graduated from the ArtEZ Institute of Arts (Master of Arts) with her work ‘INTERVENING SPACE: Reframing Conventions’ (2014), which is still highly relevant today. This work is about her query into the convention of ‘sitting’. Ros noticed that a huge portion of her day was spent sitting down. This behavior is a reflection and consequence of the Western societal conditioning, largely experienced in the office-culture. She translated this routine into a performance by magnifying, repeating and isolating the act of sitting. During the performance she is seated on the same chair for a period of eight hours straight without performing any other human action. Becoming aware of one’s body is a fundamental pillar in this respect. 

Ros shares her critical findings in live performances, performance video art, as installations or whichever form is suited best for transferring the research results and forcing confrontation.

Lisette is currently living and working in Amsterdam.
MA of Arts
BA in ‘Fashion Technology’

“I am very happy to announce that I am a selected artist to do an opening performance/intervention as part of the Venice Biennale at the International Art and Architecture Festival in Venice, Italy, October 2016.”

“I am very happy to announce that I am a selected member of the 26 successful projects [performance and exhibition] with ‘INTERVENING SPACE: Reframing conventions‘ for the IFFTI Polimoda Conference in Florence, Italy, 2015.” Take a look at the compilation here.

Photo taken by Anna Mykhalska during the live performance of ‘INTERVENING SPACE: Reframing Conventions’ in Florence, Italy.

© Lisette Ros

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